Marks notecards are available in Collector Sets

Its a great inexpensive way to have and share his artwork.

The Political set includes: 10 cards with envelopes

2 New Pioneers, and one each of Sharing the Wealth, Paintbrush Warrior, Land of the Free, March of ProgressIllusion of Reality, Wheel of Fortune, Fast Food Chain and Restoring the Future

polital card set.


The Erotic Set includes: 10 cards with envelopes

Flames of Passion, Temple Transmutations Spiral Genesis, Double Helix, Earthly Delights, Between Worlds, Under the Yab Yum Tree, Nubial Bliss, Desert Life, Sunset Sacrament,

The Love of the Goddess Set Includes:  10 cards with envelopes

Sundancer, Tree Incarnation, Wonders of Nature, Giver of Life, Dualities, Winging On, Tunnel of LoveMoondancer, Evening SongPrayer for Peace,

goddess notecards

The Sweetheart Set  (gently erotic) includes: 10 cards with envelopes

Sylvan Serenity Living Waters, Arboreal AffectionNature LoversRavine Rapture, On Temple Steps, Elemental AttractionGrand CanyonClouds and Rain,  Waterfall,

Romantic Notecard


The Psychedelic set includes: 10 Notecards with envelopes

Leap of Faith, Scarab, Guardians of the Sacrement, Winging On, I remember, Energy Flow, Rite of Passage, Astral Embrace, Light VoyagersEyes of the World,

Psychedelic Card Set



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