seed giclee

Giclée is a french word, meaning a squirt, or a splat. It comes from the slang word form of ejaculation. Giclees in the art world refer to a printing process that has captured the business of art and photo reproduction for large scale format images. At first, only giclees on paper were available, very expensive, they had to be under glass matted and framed and were very heavy. Then the computer age took over and most printer makers began making printers that could use canvas and other materials as substrates.  Now with special pigments and coatings, a large painting can be on your wall. It has the look and feel of the original artwork.

Because Mark’s paintings are mostly large to very large to begin with, his work translates wonderfully to large scale giclees. Giclees are much lighter, so they won’t wreck your walls. They do not require being under glass, they can be hung framed or unframed. They can be cleaned with a moist damp cloth, (no rubbing please) and still  as with all artwork, they should not be displayed in direct sun. If these conditions are followed, they should last for generations. Mark’s are all limited editions, signed and numbered.

We sell them stretched on stretcher bars, ready to hang, or rolled in a tube. For really large giclees, please do consider shipping. Our largest giclees will cost less  to have them shipped in a tube and have them stretched at your location, by your frame shop than if we had to ship them to you already stretched.

If you see an image and do not see a giclee price, call us and we can talk about what size we can order for you and at what cost.