Flooded Futures

There comes a time when we must face our demons. With our polar caps melting, the rise in the temperature of the planet,  we now are facing  a Flooded Future .

Mark has done a series of Flooded Future Paintings that you might enjoy.

In  his world view, we have survived the changes. He used google earth to carefully plot out what these cities and monuments might look like.




Londinium 21


London with a 30 foot rise of water. Boats serenely pass by the city center. The bridges are under water. People still are impressed with the view. This was done in the J.M.W. Turner style of coloration to commemorate Turner’s contribution to the art world. Londinium was the Roman word for what is now called the City of London.



Venice of the North.

Venice of the North

Wallstreet now has lovely solar boats that ferry people around the financial district.



Sunset on the Potomac ssp.

Sunset on the Potomac

A lone fisherman sits at the Washington Monument as sailing ships breeze by the Capital building.





A Visit to the Memorial

Swans paddle through the water’s reflection as the tourist taxi takes visitors to visit the Lincoln Memorial. I wonder what Lincoln would have thought of this scenario.

Portrait of Mark, on the other side of the easel


mark portrait1.


Mark posed for a portrait painting by Philip Ackermann of Austria,

he did this in oil painting in about 3 hours and caught Mark’s intensity rather well.

Resting at Peace in Vienna

One of our most moving excursions in Vienna was visiting the National Cemetery. It  was incredibly beautiful. The grounds were massive, the statuary was incredible and you could tell that the people interred here were loved.





rip7 rip15








Live Painting at the Beloved Festival 2015



Teaching in Vienna 2015



Enchanted Forest Collaboration 2015



Detail of the Enchanted Forest Collaboration 2015


Lucidity Festival 2015, April 10, 11, 12, 2015, Santa Barbara


Mark is honored to be a Artist Performer, Lecturer, at this years Lucitiy Festival  in Santa Barbara. 3 days of Music, performances, Dancing, art, the list goes on and on.


 Half Life by Mark Henson

Half Life

Kate Wolf Music Festival 2018 June 28 thru July 1, Black Oak Ranch


Join us at the Kate Wolf Festival this June for an awesome line-up of music, performances and  fun. This year we will see

Los Lobos

Indigo Girls

Keb’ Mo’

Martha Reeves & the Vadellas

Annie DiFranco

just to name a few

see the entire awesome lineup.

If you have never been to the Beautiful Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, you are in for a treat, if you have been there then you know that your weekend will be an incredible. See how the loving alternative lifestyle family is holding down its place in history, with loving kindness, creative spontaneity, natural joy and bring your instruments and dancing shoes.

We will be in the Main Music Bowl with are full on gallery, many new paintings, tapestries, and objects d’art.


Django’s Tree


February is for Lovers

February is Romance month for lovers.
Sweethearts have a special place in our life
because love makes our consciousness eternal.


Throughout history, love has spawned heroic deeds;
temples built honoring the sacred secrets of the heart.


Remember you the nights of our union
And the light of your spirit that was a halo around us?
And the angels of lovehovered above us singing and chanting  in the things of the spirit?


From the writings of Kahlil Gibran


This month we are offering a sweetheart special on some of Mark’s most romantic pieces.

Reveal your heart to someone here


Sweetheart Special

“Politically Charged” at The Blue Line Arts Gallery

“Politically Charged”


“The Art Bra Show”

ROSEVILLE, CA, August 6th, 2014

Once again, Blue Line Arts hosts two block buster shows,

Politically Charged and The Art Bra Show.

California Lawyers for the Arts and Blue Line Arts showcase Politically Charged in the Coker Family Gallery. The exhibit includes art from both sides of the aisle. Artwork has been selected by the illustrious Shelly Willis, Director of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

A not to miss group show of art that makes one think, get mad and cringe or even laugh. Artwork directly dealing

with contemporary issues that are right under the skin.

Blue Line Arts, 405 Vernon Street, Suite 100, Roseville, CA, 95678

Blue Line Art has chosen

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune sm web

One of Mark’s most recent view of corporate entities keeping mankind on a treadmill using material goods and sexual desire as the bait.


Fast Food Chain

Fast Food Chain

That’s Ebola with the orange and blue stripes, HIV the balls on the left, the orange tubes, e. coli, dysentery creeping up the right bottom corner, the perfect golden spheres in the lower middle are man made retro-viruses. We are making disease ridden population conditions possible by our shortsightedness. Over Dwindling resources, over indulgence, the global balance requires  a predator  for humans. What better natural global defense than our tiniest creatures. We are food for them.

So come and enjoy the feast at the

Blue Line Arts

“Politically Charged Art Show

405 Vernon Street #100, Roseville, CA 95678



Oregon Country Fair Gallery

Our favorite event is the Oregon Country Fair
OCF 2014 Fence

The lighting, the trees, the people make for an ambiance that shines.



Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune web.

24 x 30 inches
Oil on Canvas


The treadmill keeps on turning powered by desire.
The rich drink champagne as man chases his dreams, be it the “Origin of the World”,
painted by the French artist Gustave Courbet in 1866,
the perfect home,riches, fancy cars, food, running till his life blood is drained,
becoming the fodder for the next fool.
The wheel of fortune rolls on.
We can make all our lives richer by stewarding the earth protecting life
or be attached by umbilical cord to a life of mindless consumption.


Those who think they are in charge are out of control of themselves, hence their need to control everything.


wheel detail 1.

Grinding up the planet for bricks of illusional wealth


wheel detail3.

wheel detail 2

Order Wheel of Fortune

Temple Steps

Temple steps web

On Temple Steps
24 x 30 inches

Ancient ruins surround a couple whose love is as fresh as the buildings are old. Eternal love expresses itself quietly on the temple steps. The still waters reflect the beauty of the temple and lovers. Romance has been around forever. Mankind’s finest architectural treasures are devoted to love. Some temples took generations to carve, the sculpting arts passed down through extended families.  Humans take generations to evolve, passing genes down through time. Each human a temple, temples making temples.

Order Temple Steps

Bicycle Day 2014, Regency, San Francisco


Be there or Be Square

Kate Wolf Music Festival, June 27-29th, Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA

Join Joan Baez, Los Lobos, Doug Green just to mention a few at the incredible Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, the best venue in Northern California .

We’ll have our full gallery, lots of sunshine, and huge extended family of friends. You can get your tickets here


Camping, music, a weekend in the woods. A great way to start the summer!






Bicycle Day, April 19, 20 and the 21st 2014




On April 19th, 20 and 21st, that’s 4.20 2014. we will be at the Regency in San Francisco for the 70th Anniversary of Albert Hoffmans ride. We will be at the Meet and Greet on the 19th, party with you all during the event and will be represented by Tribe 13 Gallery for the duration..



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