Oil on Canvas
48 inches x 108 inches

Mark wanted to do a study of this sacred style of sculpture.
He was contemplating what makes something natural and when it becomes unnatural.
This is a very large canvas, this small screen barely does it justice.
The many classical Asanas, (poses) create a dance of balance in the sensual outward joyful expression of the Divine Union of all people, places and things.
The Cyber-jungle on the right was inspired by several computers in pieces lying on Mark’s studio floor.
The primary jungle on the left is inspired by many walks in Nature.
The psychedelic dinosaur bones become the deep core of our evolutionary blueprint.
Our vision of absolute connectivity in cyberspace is now being realized as we participate.
We are manifest between our beginnings in the primordial mud of jungles and the cyberdust of our future.

The image forms on a screen, but where is it really?
Where does the inspiring thought live?
Revealed one day in the mind of an artist,
then semi-immortalized on canvas,
then electrified in cyberspace.
We are all temporarily Immortal, or perhaps Immortally temporary.

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